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26 Oct
Your First Home - Buying Vs Building

Your First Home: Buying vs Building

When you start thinking about owning your first home, one of the first questions you’ll ask yourself is should I buy an established house or should I build a new one. While it’s not always an easy decision, it should be one that you give careful consideration to. Here are some things to think about […]

22 Sep
how to get out of debt when you have no money

How To Get Out Of Debt When You Have No Money

  When we meet families who are struggling with debt, we always tell them one thing: “There is a way out of your debt”. Yes, it’s not an easy process. Yes, you’ll have to work hard and be committed to paying off your existing debts without accruing new ones. Many people struggle to imagine how […]

18 Aug
5 Signs You Are Living Beyond Your Means

5 Signs You’re Living Beyond Your Means

It’s ridiculously easy to end up in debt these days and living beyond your means. In the age of contactless payments and FOMO (fear of missing out), many people are getting swept up into having it all instead of sitting down and working out realistically what they can and can’t afford. Here are 5 signs […]

18 Jul
How To Save Money On Your Food Shopping

14 Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Food Shopping

We all know that groceries seem to be getting more and more expensive here in Australia. With the introduction of ALDI in WA last year, prices have come down a little but there are always more ways to save on your weekly shop. Here are 14 simple ways you can save money on your food […]

03 Jul
Get Your Tax Returns Completed By A Professional

Get Your Tax Returns Completed By A Professional In Perth

Here at LUDA Financial Solutions, you might think of us as simply being financial planners in Joondalup, but that’s not how we see things. We believe in offering our clients a holistic financial service, which is why our financial planning services start with the crucial foundations of family budgeting and cash flow management, and then […]

15 Jun
5 Financial Mistakes You Need To Avoid in 2017

5 Financial Mistakes You Need To Avoid in 2017

Even though it’s 2017, many people are still not confident in managing their personal finances. Life is getting more and more expensive and unfortunately in the current economic climate salaries sometimes aren’t increasing as much as you would hope. There are some simple things everyone needs to be doing to create a comfortable financial future […]