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At Luda Financial Solutions we aren’t just financial planners. We’re mortgage brokers too. That means that when it comes to your mortgage, we’re constantly looking at the bigger picture.

When you speak to our mortgage broker in Joondalup, we’ll find out what your long term, medium term and short term financial goals are first. We’ll also look at your cash flow management to ensure you’ll be able to afford a mortgage – possibly the biggest debt you’ll ever take on.

Then we’ll consider all the costs associated with your new mortgage or your refinance of your current mortgage. In doing so, this will help ensure that you won’t be out of pocket in the long term should you choose a new mortgage product.

We’ll do fact finding before we start researching any mortgage products for you and we’ll ask questions like:

What is the purpose of the mortgage?

Do you want a fixed rate product or a variable rate product?

What repayment can you comfortably afford?

Are you still able to save for retirement after taking out the mortgage?

Do you have insurance in place should you be unable to make your repayments?

Once these questions are answered, we’ll do our research and create a completely customised recommendation of the right mortgage for your individual circumstances and financial position. We’ll also look at whether you qualify for any other assistance such as the First Home Owner’s Grant to help you on your way to becoming a home owner.

To make an appointment with one of our mortgage brokers in Joondalup, contact us at Luda Financial Solutions today.