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Retirement Planning Perth

Everyone knows it’s never too early to start saving for retirement, but have you really invested in the right superannuation for your individual circumstances?

If you’ve worked at several different companies over the years, you may not just have one superannuation fund in place, but several. If you’re just starting out in your first job, you may be wondering which super fund you should choose.

At Luda Financial Solutions, our superannuation advisor in Perth can help you make the right decisions when it comes to your super. Employers are required to contribute a minimum amount each quarter to your super fund, but did you know you can also top up your super throughout the year? This will help you realise your retirement planning goals earlier than you may have thought possible.

We work with several different superannuation funds, and depending on your personal circumstances and future financial goals we’ll make recommendations on which super fund will suit your needs best.

We’ll also combine our review of your superannuation with a review of your personal insurance requirements by our insurance brokers in Joondalup. Some superannuation policies may come with automatically included options for life insurance and income protection and we’ll make sure you aren’t paying for cover twice and that you’re actually able to benefit from any default insurance policies held within your super.

If you’re interested in making investments outside of your superannuation, as part of your retirement planning strategy, we can assist you with investment advice as well.

When it comes to your retirement planning in Perth, get in touch with Luda Financial Solutions today and let us help you create the most comfortable retirement possible.