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The services offered by our Perth financial planners cover your entire financial planning journey.

We believe that every journey must start with cash flow management. Only once that is in place can you truly know what you need to protect and plan for in the future. The next step is to look at your personal insurances and superannuation.

If you have a mortgage or are planning on buying your first property, you’ll need to find the best mortgage for your circumstances, which is where our Perth mortgage brokers can help.  Beyond that, you’ll need to consider how much you’ll need to live comfortably in retirement, and then we can make recommendations and assist you with your retirement planning.

  • Cash Flow Management
    Do you really know where you spend your money? Not just the big stuff like your mortgage or car loan repayments but smaller sundries like eating out, socialising and after school activities? In order to successfully plan for a secure financial future, you need to start by getting to grips with exactly how much money you have coming in and how much you have going out. Our personalised cash flow management system is designed to help you do just this. Find out more about our cash flow managementfor Perth families and individuals here.
  • Mortgage Advice
    Whether you’re saving up a deposit to buy your first home, or want to find a way to pay off your mortgage sooner, our Perth mortgage brokers can help you. Because we are mortgage brokers and financial planners, we’ll never recommend a mortgage that doesn’t fit with your long term financial goals. We’ll help you find the best mortgage product for your individual circumstances. Find out more about our mortgage brokers in Joondalup here.
  • Financial Planning
    Once you have your cash flow management down to a T, you can start looking at what sort of personal insurance cover you need in place. We can also help you consolidate your superannuation funds to ensure you do not pay excessive superannuation fees, you are using the most appropriate investment strategy, and you aren’t paying for insurances that aren’t benefitting you. Luda Financial Solutions will help you find the right level of cover and at the right price. Find out more about our insurance brokers in Joondalup here.
  • Business Services
    As a business owner, you need to ensure that your business will carry on operating even if you are unable to work or when you want to retire. At Luda Financial Solutions, we help businesses to optimise their cash flow management strategies which are essential for business continuation and succession planning. We can also arrange business continuation insurance for your business. Find out more about business succession planning and business continuation insurance here.