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14 Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Food Shopping

18 Jul
How To Save Money On Your Food Shopping

14 Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Food Shopping

We all know that groceries seem to be getting more and more expensive here in Australia. With the introduction of ALDI in WA last year, prices have come down a little but there are always more ways to save on your weekly shop.

Here are 14 simple ways you can save money on your food shopping.

Create A Menu Plan

Writing a meal plan will help you know what ingredients you really need to buy. It will help you reduce the amount of food you waste by buying it without knowing what it will be used for.

Write A List

Make a shopping list – so simple yet effective! It will help you find what you need instead of guessing and throwing in loads of items you don’t actually need.

Use What You’ve Got

Always check your pantry before you go food shopping. Make a note of anything you need and see what you’ve already got. Use what you already have before you buy more of the same.

Avoid Daily Shopping

People who shop daily often end up spending way more than people who shop weekly or monthly.

Switch To A Cheaper Brand

If you are prepared to switch some products to one price point lower, you’ll be surprised at the savings to be had! Often they are identical in taste or very similar too.

Check The Specials Before You Go

You know all those junk mail catalogues you get in the mail each week? Instead of chucking them in the recycling, go through the supermarket ones and note if there are any specials on items you are already planning on buying. Then buy them where they are the cheapest.

Get A Rain Check

Most stores offer a rain check system: if an item on special is not available, they will give you a rain check to get the item at a later date for the special offer price. The vouchers can be valid for up to 6 months so don’t forget to use them.

Use Loyalty Cards

If your supermarket has a loyalty program make sure you sign up and scan your card each time. Points accumulate the more you spend and if you save up your points all year, you can often get a decent voucher towards your Christmas grocery shop – a great way to save money on Christmas!

Shop Alone

If you shop with your partner or kids, chances are they’ll be throwing a few extras into the trolley. So shop alone to avoid unexpected additions to your bill.

Choose A Smaller Trolley

If you use a large trolley, you’ll be tempted to fill it. So choose a small trolley, or a basket if you’ve just run in for a couple of items.

Check The Top and Bottom Shelves

Supermarkets often place the products they want to sell at eye level, so make sure you check the top and bottom shelves to make sure you aren’t missing out on cheaper products.

Buy In Bulk

Buying in bulk can help you save, especially when it comes to meat and perishables. If you have a chest freezer this works well as you can buy in bulk and freeze to ensure no wastage. If you don’t have a freezer, perhaps a neighbour or friend can go halves with you and you can share your bulk shopping instead?

Don’t Shop When You’re Hungry!

Shopping when hungry is never a good idea as you will want to buy everything in sight! Make sure you aren’t hungry when you do your food shopping.

Shop Online

If you are often tempted by the special offers around the supermarket, even if you don’t need them, try online shopping. That way you can buy what you need and avoid all temptation. You’ll also save yourself some time too!

What other tips would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!