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Cash Flow Planning Perth

Here at Luda Financial Solutions we believe that good cash flow management underpins every successful wealth management framework. Without knowing exactly where you spend your money, it’s impossible to accurately plan a secure financial future.

Our aim is to help you remove any inefficiencies in your cash flow and assist you in working out where you should prioritise your spending.

We’ll spend our first meeting with you going through what you think you spend on all your outgoings each month, from the big stuff like your mortgage or car repayments through to the smallest transactions like your daily coffee.

Next, we analyse your last 6 months of bank statements and show you how you are actually spending your money as opposed to how you think you are spending your money. This is usually an Aha moment for all our clients.

With our help and accurate information about your spending habits, you can start to develop a cash flow surplus (savings), optimise your bank account structure and automate your cash flow.

It’s at this point that we can then look at what personal insurances and superannuation policy you need in place for you to start thinking about your family’s financial future as well as retirement planning and if you run a business, business succession planning. This will enable you to start creating the secure financial future you’ve always dreamed of.

To find out more about our cash flow management in Perth, contact one of our financial advisors at Luda Financial Solutions today.