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13 Dec
4 Ways To Protect Your Family After You've Gone

4 Ways To Protect Your Family After You’ve Gone

No-one wants to think about what happens once they’re gone. It’s quite depressing, time consuming, and let’s face it, pretty confusing. But not putting proper measures in place may result in a lot more hassle for your family and even an unwanted financial burden. As dedicated financial planners in Joondalup, we’d like to share some […]

06 Dec
How To Be A Successful Property Investor

How To Be A Successful Property Investor

Property investing is not an easy game where you can make a small fortune overnight. Property investment is a long term plan, where you need to know what you want to achieve and how you’re going to do it. There are many pitfalls and mistakes you want to avoid, so here are our top tips […]

20 Nov

10 Simple Life Hacks That Can Save You Money

Saving money can sometimes feel like an effort to do. But there are hundreds of ways you can save money by making simple changes in your life. Here are 10 simple life hacks that can save you money every day. 1. Start A Piggy Bank It might sound childish, but start a piggy bank. Get […]

14 Nov

5 Questions To Ask Before You Refinance Your Mortgage

The media constantly bombard us about getting the best deal and switching between lenders, whether it’s for our bank accounts, mobile phones, internet, gas providers or something substantial like our mortgages. But is constantly switching your mortgage really a good idea? At Luda Financial Solutions, not only are we experienced mortgage brokers, but we are […]

31 Oct
How To Be A Successful Property Investor

“Jacques saved our lives” – How Luda Financial Solutions Helped Turn The Brown Family’s Life Around

Here at Luda Financial Solutions, we might be financial advisors but our focus is always on people. Last year we helped the Brown family (we’ve changed their names to protect their privacy) to recover from significant debt where they couldn’t see a way out – here’s their story. Today, Amanda Brown is a successful and […]

24 Oct

5 Simple Tips For Better Cash Flow Management

When it comes to budgeting your household finances, you may think you know where you spend your money, but sometimes when you dig a little deeper, you might be surprised or even shocked at just where your money is going. If you find your money is going out just as fast as it’s coming in, […]