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If you run a business, you need to know what’s going to happen to it when you retire or in the event you are unable to work, either permanently or temporarily.

When it comes to business succession planning in Perth, our financial advisors can make sure that your business will keep operating even if you aren’t around. Having a business continuation and succession plan not only gives you peace of mind but creates a stable financial future for both the business and your family.

Our business insurance brokers will also look at your need for key person insurance and business expense insurance (also known as business continuation insurance). Some business owners will only need one or the other, depending on your business model and structure, but we may recommend both types of insurance for some businesses.

Our financial planners will also look at the cash flow management of your business, just as we would for individuals and families, and develop structures to help you create a surplus for the business as well as automate your cash flow.

To find out more about our business services, call our financial planners and business insurance brokers in Joondalup today.