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15 Feb
5 Of The Biggest Financial Regrets To Avoid _ LUDA Financial Solutions

5 Of The Biggest Financial Regrets To Avoid

When it comes to regrets in life, everyone wants to make sure they don’t have any. But the reality is that most people do have regrets –and financial ones are often the ones that could have been avoided. Our financial advisors in Joondalup have pulled together 5 of the biggest financial regrets to avoid.   […]

17 Jan
Saving For Your Childrens Education

Saving For Your Children’s Education: What You Need To Know

We’re often told that we should start saving for our children’s education but how many of us really do? There are always other expenses that seem more important, but really, if you’re honest with yourself, they’re just more imminent. If you’re serious about giving your children the best education you can afford, then you should […]

31 Oct
How To Be A Successful Property Investor

“Jacques saved our lives” – How Luda Financial Solutions Helped Turn The Brown Family’s Life Around

Here at Luda Financial Solutions, we might be financial advisors but our focus is always on people. Last year we helped the Brown family (we’ve changed their names to protect their privacy) to recover from significant debt where they couldn’t see a way out – here’s their story. Today, Amanda Brown is a successful and […]