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10 Simple Life Hacks That Can Save You Money

20 Nov

10 Simple Life Hacks That Can Save You Money

Saving money can sometimes feel like an effort to do. But there are hundreds of ways you can save money by making simple changes in your life. Here are 10 simple life hacks that can save you money every day.

1. Start A Piggy Bank

It might sound childish, but start a piggy bank. Get the whole family to use it as well. Any spare change you have in your purse or wallet, pop it in the piggy bank and watch it grow. Alternatively you can use the money in it for small treats so it doesn’t come out of your normal budgeting. You’ll be surprised how quickly it all adds up. Use an old jar if you don’t have a piggy bank lying around.

2. Eat Vegetarian Once A Week

By cutting down your meat consumption you’ll not only save money but make a contribution to the environment. Meat is becoming more and more expensive and by going vegetarian once or twice a week will have an impact on your bottom line.

3. Compare Car & Home Insurance

Home insurances are something you can review on a regular basis to see if you are getting the best deal. Check the cover levels before switching though. We cannot stress enough how important it is to consult a specialist general insurance brokers in this regard. We highly recommend Sandy and Neil Gray from Mason Gray Insurance and Risk.

4. Start A Veggie Garden

Plant a small veggie patch and start growing your own food. Choose veggies that you eat regularly or herbs that you use a lot. Fresh herbs are expensive in supermarkets, and what could be fresher than herbs, fruit and veg right in your back yard?

5. Bag A Bargain

There are so many deal websites out there, such as GroupOn and Cudo, so sign up to them and get emailed great deals daily. From days out to meals, gift boxes, technology and much more, you can save a heap of money if you take the time to find a great deal.

6. Weekly Menu Plans

By creating a meal plan every week, you’ll avoid wasting money buying food you’re not sure will get used. You’ll also save time constantly popping back to the shops to pick up more groceries and you’ll save money on fuel if you’re driving.

7. Stop Using Your Dryer

In Australia we’re blessed with long hot summers, and sometimes a warm spring and autumn too. Make good use of the sun and hang your washing outside to dry naturally. Not only will it smell better, but you’ll save money and energy using your clothes dryer – one of the most expensive household appliances to run.

8. Exercise Outdoors

Cancel that expensive gym membership, which you probably don’t use anyway, and get exercising outdoors. It’s free to go for a walk or run and many parks also have free gym equipment for you to use to keep fit and healthy.

9. Switch Bulbs To LEDs

LED lights are ridiculously energy efficient and don’t cost very much to install. They use far less energy than traditional light bulbs and can save you a ton of money on your electricity bill. We recommend you have a chat with Chris Grossetti from Infiniti Electrical about how you can save money with LED lights.

10. Christmas Shopping After Christmas

If you want to save money on your Christmas preparations, do your Christmas shopping after Christmas – for the following year! Snap up reduced price Christmas cards, wrapping paper, decorations and much more. If you’ve got enough space at home, you could even stash away some Christmas presents if you see some great bargains to be had that will keep for a year.

If you’d like help with your cash flow management from qualified financial planners in Joondalup, speak to Luda Financial Solutions today. We can help you identify where you are spending your money and put in place strategies to help you save more and successfully plan for the future.